1.  Details of the sanctioned intake capacity of various courses, under graduate, as well as post graduate
          Courses                                           Sanctioned Intake Capacity
1)      Undergraduate Course                =       100
          (BHMS Degree Course)
2)      M.D. (Hom) P.G. Courses   =       H. M. M.               –        06
                                                                   Organon              –        06
                                                                   Repertory            –        06
                                                                   Medicine             –        06
                                                                   Paediatrics          –        06
                                                                   Pharmacy           –        06
                                                                   Psychiatry           –        06
  1. f) Any research publications during last one year
          Research publication published in institutions own journal quarterly published namely “Gems of Homoeopathy” (ISSN 2278 – 7968)
  1. g) Details of any continuous Medical Education Programme, conferences and / or any academic activities conducted by the Institutions.
          N.S.S. Progamme under MUHS , Blood Donation Camp,  Free Medical Camps,  Hirkani Kaksha under the “MAA” project of Govt. through AYUSH Department. A special camp of Mothers on 9th of every month.  
  1. i) Details of the affiliated University and its Vice – Chancellor and Registrar
          Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
          Vice – Chancellor        –       Prof. Dr. Dilip Mhaisekar
          Registrar                       –        Dr. Kalidas Chavan
  1. k) Detailed status of recognition of all the courses
          Recognized by Central Council of Homoeopathy, New Delhi, Govt. of Maharashtra & Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik for U.G. and P.G. Courses.

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